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K8 4 Wellness Podcast

Feb 21, 2021

Colin is an entrepreneur, mindset coach, podcaster, and
educator focused on building better humans through first
principles thinking and helping opt-out of society’s broken
status quo.
Obsessed with the truisms of health, Colin lives his life
based on “The Ancestral Mindset.” By understanding our

Dec 20, 2020

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) are a great tool in knowing how your body reacts to certain foods.  Kara Collier is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician with a background in clinical nutrition, nutrition technology, and entrepreneurship. After becoming frustrated with the...

Nov 1, 2020

Brad hosts the Get Over Yourself podcast, covering healthy living, peak performance, and personal growth with his carefree style and lively sense of humor. Brad’s promotes a nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle transformation program he calls the Mofo Mission,” designed to optimize male hormone function in...

Oct 25, 2020

Brett Lloyd is a 59 year old musician who transformed his life after suffering from severe depression, anxiety & insomnia for over 40+ years by making a profound change to his diet: he only eats meat & drinks water. After taking prescribed medications for over 20 years of his mental illness journey, Brett had...

Sep 30, 2020

Jake Steiner is a (semi-retired) stock trader and investor.  His personal passion is understanding human eyesight - and has spent the past 20 years in vision biology science, exploring natural myopia control.   
Jake hosts the Web’s largest vision improvement communities with many tens of thousands of participants and...